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LessZoa of said,

"Definitely a poster site for CSS! Kudos! *books B&B for next years vacation*"

TMXS of said,

"Looks good, impressive coding. It's a nice and clean layout. Can't really say much more on it, everything seems to work."

DjHawky of said,

"Nice job with all the functionality and design."

Jspired of said,

"Great site!"

Nisim7 of said,

"That's quite amazing. I've done a few internal sites at work without tables and they came out pretty well but definitely not as good as yours. The bane of my existence was position: absolute. I thought it was the end-all of all positioning but it isn't. Your CSS code is very clean and commented well. I think that if you posted this on a script site you would soon find your CSS being used as a template by many others. Good job!"

Nix of said,

"Wow. Just wow. I wish I could make sites that weren't table dependent. I've known about CSS since 2003, and have known that tables are the great evil, but I can't get away from them. Just an awesome job."

Pegasus of said,

"Very nicely done, I'm impressed. When I wasn't busy doing the tourist thing and looking up all manner of places. It looks terrific in NS on my Mac. Other than that, I can't think of anything to say about your site that hasn't been said before. Like Wow! There were a couple of places that looked really neat, too. I'd like to go back to England some day and if I'd had a site like yours the last time I went, it would have saved me a lot of grief."

JDL of said,

"You'll be happy to know all your hard work has paid off- it works fine in both NS7 and IE5 for Mac. Your site is soooooooooo nice!"

EmilPaun of said,

"It's easy to navigate."

PGO of said,

"I wasn't confused for a second."

Mariohn of said,

"Clean and smooth design, great work."

BoxedPixels of said,

"Looks fantastic and fits the purpose."

FiveInteractive of said,

"VERY impressive, and looks very professional. Job well done!"

Shade of said,

"Great job dude!"

Blip888 of said,

"Its excellent. Fits the name perfect, and does its purpose. Congrats man!"

Zach Sigmon of said,

"Very colorful. Job well done."

ArtVision of said,

"Nice design, easy navigation, useful information. Very good site!"

Yugnats of said,

"Nice... and its CSS/XHTML compliant? Very nice! Super job. I like the navigation too."

Yaroslav of said,

"Great site, really."

Shaun Tobias of said,

"Looks great. Coding, design and everything is easy to read and get about. Good job."

Ornj of said,

"I like, it's clean, consistent, and I really like the simple logo."

Steven-V of said,

"Very nice site!"

Stickmus of said,

"Looking good."

Skize of said,

"Nice site, I like your menu, your colors, your contents, everything."

FaeQueen of said,

"I'm a CSS dummy so can't comment on the coding although you inspire me to get cracking and learn. The site content is fantastic and since I travel about quite a bit I've bookmarked it."

EOBeav of said,

"Congratulations on a well-designed, standards-compliant website. I can see how this site would be useful to anybody traveling from here over there. Your clickable map and "link to" graphic are especially nice. Great colors, layout, etc...I really don't have any constructive criticism to hand out. When you're offering your services to prospective clients, by all means show them this site."